Help. Fast loading in JET databases.

Help. Fast loading in JET databases.

Post by grio.. » Fri, 28 Jun 1996 04:00:00


I'm currently programming a process in VB4 that, every day, will start by
loading several JET (access) tables with data from large ASCII files.  What is
the fastest way for me to import these files into my tables in VB4?

Many thanks...


1. Ms Jet 4.0 VS Jet 3.51 problem loading data


I have an app running on a network.  Some computers have installed de Jet
version V3.51 & a couple of them have installed version V4.00

IS there a possibilty to check what version is on the computer & retrieve
that info during run time.
It's my idea to create  a connection string depending on the jet version
that's on the machine.


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