anyone have oodbs recommendations for use with vb5

anyone have oodbs recommendations for use with vb5

Post by Craig Hamilt » Thu, 22 Jan 1998 04:00:00

Title says it all, I have taken a look at poet, does anyone have other
recommendations of oo databases which work with vb?



1. OODBS recommendation for Sun

We are looking for an OODB for a reasonably large Sun application which we are
just beginning work on in C++. I've heard of Gemstone/Servio, but know litle about
them nor other available products.
If anybody has used/tried out/tested any commercial OODBS, I would love to have a quick
synopsis of features and a recommendation if possible
If we can't get a good OODB, we're interfacing C++ to Sybase and I'm sure you wouldn't
wish that job on anybody !!

Thanks in advance.

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