How do i set up a multi Tier Database using Access 97 or VB 5.0

How do i set up a multi Tier Database using Access 97 or VB 5.0

Post by Diederik de Groo » Mon, 27 Oct 1997 03:00:00

I would like to set up a multi Tier database using Access or VB. But where
do i begin. Do i use Dcom (and how) or DAO or RDO. What is best. I will have
to connect to an Mdb normally. In other cases a SQL might be present.
Normally an MDB though. Could anybody help with a begin.

It will have to be able to run on a single machine and in a networking
environment (mulituser).

I would like to separate in:

Client-Access Module
BackEnd-Access Module
ODBC Database

Or something like this

(please mail me)




My problem is that I can't find a good working mutli-user solution in VB

Example :

 2 users are working with the same input form (for example a customers
table with name and address)
User 1 : Change the name of record 1
User 2 : Change the name of record 1
User 1 : Update
User 2 : Update

When the second user is trying to update te record I want to have a
warning that the
name already is been changed by another user. So the second user must
first see the
new data before he can update.

I opened the recordset as a dynaset with OPTIMISTIC locking and the
option dbSeeChanges.
I worked with boundcontrols and a dataobject

I Tried several solutions but I can't find a good solution

Please mail me an example of a GOOD working multi-user solution
     The conditions are : Optimistic locking
                                    Bounded controls
                                    Database Access 97

Source code for the update ??

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