2 VB applications connected to Oracle database (7.0)

2 VB applications connected to Oracle database (7.0)

Post by ATS employ » Sun, 25 May 1997 04:00:00


For several months now I am trying to make 2 visual Basic (3.0)
application which are excecuted next to each other to insert data in a
Oracle database. The connection with Oracle are made through ODBC
(7.3) and SQL-net.

The applications are getting a  trigger from an external program via
NetDDE. One application is called 'MC' and the other is called 'ACS'.
The MC application is receiving its trigger approximaticly every 10
min., the ACS every 45 minutes.

At first, both applications were continously connected to the database
using the same ODBC channel.

When the first application was started and the second application was
started, no problems occured. Next, the first application received a
trigger and still nothing happened. When the second application then
get its trigger, VB responded with an error. This resulted in General
Protection Fault in module NS.DLL etc.. After this, the fisrt
apllication resulted with a GPF in ODBC.dll.  If only the first
application was running, no failure took place. It didn't matter in
which order the applications were started.

Afetr this I deceided to make 2 seperate ODBC channels , for each
application one, as well as 2 seperate SQL-net channels.
I also changed the applications so they would not keep an connection
with the database continously, but closed this after they are finished
transferring their data.

Well, in the end what happend? A general protection fault took place
after one (1) week of perfect operation in module MSOCKLIB.DLL

Does anyone know what kind of file this is, and has anyone ever
encountered similair problems with VB an Oracle databases?
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