Crystal Report 4.5

Crystal Report 4.5

Post by Hzan » Fri, 14 Dec 2001 01:24:46

Im trying to print out a specific record in an ADO recordset using
Crystal Reports 4.5 (bundled with VB6). The database I am using is
Access 2000. I use VB6 SP5 for the front-end. Problem is, the help for
this particular version of Crystal Reports is not that definitive. I
am trying to utilize the object.selectionformula to accomplish my goal
but there is always an error (unable to connect: incorrect log on
parameters). Without setting a value for the selectionformula, the
report prints fine, but prints the whole recordset. This isnt good. I
dont want to have to create another table to store temporary values
that I want to print.

The syntax that I used is this:

crptEmployeeInfo.SelectionFormula = "{EMPLOYEE.emp_id}=ToNumber(""" &
txtemp_id.Text & """)"

crptEmployeeInfo.Action = 1

Need some help here. This is the only version of Crystal Reports that
I am able to get my hands on (for the moment). Your help will be
greatly appreciated. I tried to search for previous
posts that were made regarding this same problem but I still cannot
get the selectionformula to print a specific record.

Hp Lorenzana


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I have what I hope to be a simple question.  I am using CRW 4.5 Pro
with VB 4.0.  One of the main reasons we purchased CRW was to be able
to easily print the record selection from a data control.  We can't.

The documentation that comes with CRW is confusing.  Both the manuals
and the on-line support several versions.

I have written a search tool for a single Access 2.0 table.  What I'd
like to do is simply print the results of the query, connected to a
data control, to a preformatted report (which _they_ claim you can).

Does anyone have any experience (read: luck) with this?
Thanks in Advance!

   Computing Analyst
   Oak Ridge National Laboratory

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