Problem accessing SQL Server with VB5 via DAO

Problem accessing SQL Server with VB5 via DAO

Post by Keith Woodbur » Mon, 15 Feb 1999 04:00:00

I have code that will properly access (Select) data via ODBC from SQL
server 6.5 using DAO, but when I try to edit any of the fields (and
issue an edit then update) VB says that it is read only.  I opened the
connection via DAO with a dynaset recordsetType and there is an index
created in SQL server for this table with a primary key. Does anyone
have any ideas? I would use RDO, but I don't have the enterprise edition
of VB. If I wanted to update records on the form and then have them
updated in SQL what would be the proper statements?

This is my main form  statement...
Private Sub Form_Load()
    With datPrimaryRS
    .RecordSource = "Select * from utblProject ORDER By ProjectID"
    .RecordsetType = 2 ' dbOpenDynaset (I have also tried this with a 1
- and had the same problem)
    .Connect = "ODBC;DSN=CCISVB;UID=sa;PWD=;APP=Visual
    txtNumRecs = .Recordset.RecordCount
   End With
End Sub


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