Problem with bound DataCombo and Masked Edit controls when changing their contents

Problem with bound DataCombo and Masked Edit controls when changing their contents

Post by Dave Matthew » Sat, 20 Nov 1999 04:00:00

Hi folks,

        I'm having a problem in VB6 whereby ADO does not immediately notify the
underlying recordset that a field has been changed, where the field in
question is represented by either a DataCombo or a Masked Edit Textbox.

        Here are the symptoms I am observing (when connected to an SQL Anywhere
DB): When I use a *standard* TextBox as a bound control and the user
changes its contents and then tabs off, ADO immediately notifies the
underlying recordset that the field has been changed (and the
ChangeFieldComplete event is fired). This is good - this is exactly what
I want.

        However if I use either a DataCombo or a Masked Edit Control, the
change of field is not notified until the user actually moves to another
*record*. Why should this be? I can get round the problem by reinforcing
a change of field by using...

rs![fieldname] = DataCombo1

        ... in the data combo's Lose_Focus event but if you have a form
containing several data combos (and/or Masked Edits, which exhibit the
same problem) this is rather inelegant.

        If anyone has any answers, I would be most grateful!



Dave Matthews

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        Thank Your for your help

        Arnaud - France - Paris

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