VB3 PRO owners..windows/system crash...looking for LOST FILES (VB and DATA WIDGETS)

VB3 PRO owners..windows/system crash...looking for LOST FILES (VB and DATA WIDGETS)

Post by litehau » Fri, 23 Apr 1999 04:00:00

Hi Folks:

I program in VB3 thru VB6 writing everything from small utilities to
enterprise data clients.

I'm now working on a "medium" size database maintenance utility. I am using
VB3 Pro to make the 16 bit version (to be sold internationally where Windows
95/98 is not yet being used much) because I have a lot of cool third party
"stuff" to enhance the program.

Recently I made the stupid mistake of doing a "ScanDisk" command in QD3
(QDos 3.0) while still in windows. I know not to do this but momentarily
forgot. I was in a hurry.

This led to a "memory violation" error that you can usually escape from by
repeatedly hitting the escape key. However, every once in a while, this can
lead to a directory scramble because QD3 is interrupted while reading the
FAT. Its not nice to fool with mother nature.

I lost the windows/system subdirectory....and all of the VBx's, dll's, and
licenses that came with it. Fortunatedly, I made backup's of most vbx's and
dll's in other directories when I'm doing a project. A tape backup of the
drive (as well as all original install disks) are in my previous boss's home
safe and he's out of the country..for a month!

Does any body have the LICENSE file for use of the pro version vbx's
(Threed, OLE, etc)? I have the vbx'x but lost the license.

I also lost my license file for DATA WIDGETS along with a
dll....MSAJT112.DLL. Can anybody halp me with these?




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Thanks in advance.................


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