Open Source examples of good design/programming practice?[Java]

Open Source examples of good design/programming practice?[Java]

Post by otier.. » Fri, 19 May 2000 04:00:00

Can anyone suggest some open source examples of good design/programming
practice preferably in Java?

I suppose and projects are
the most accessible.

Turloch O'Tierney

I have done 6 years commercial coding, but this has mostly been in
maintaining rather than design and development. In Applepie Solutions
( we are developing a new sms messaging system
(for GSM mobile phones) and I want to learn from previous (good)
practice. We are using Linux, java1.2 and UML and we intend to use the
following rough coding standards:

Thinking in java is pretty good, even if you just skip to the end

for the don'ts!
[a critical report on the above]

java faq

It does seem to make sense to document, describe  or even code unit
ahead of implementation.

I am not sure if there is middleware we can put in the middle instead of
rolling our own threads etc. (say for example services are spread across
machines) I suppose if it is behind interfaces the implementation can be
easily changed.

jlint - java version of lint

junit - simple unit testing framework

gnu make - because it is familiar

javadoc guideline:

suns coding standards:

javadoc home page

freeware jindent download
[later commercial version available]

perl type regular expressions:
[we can use as part of our product for free there is some licensing
restrictions eg no source]

I suggest we standardise on jdk 1.2.2 and borland jbuilder if we need a non emacs/text
editor tool for builds though emacs does have jdb mode and jde

example commented file from

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