data control's recordset invalid after new form launch

data control's recordset invalid after new form launch

Post by Jeff Partridg » Thu, 09 Dec 1999 04:00:00

I'm working on a project that contains many data controls with bound
fields on the form.  When the user chooses to to get more information on
a specific field (ie customer), a new new form with it's data controls
is opened.  The problem I'm experiencing is a what appears to be a loss
of usability of the first form data control, because after the new form
closes, I try to update the original data and get Error 3420 (Object
Invalid or  No Longer Set).  I'm using transactions, so I've tried to
.Commit before launching the new form, but this didn't help.  I've tried
both Modal and Modeless, but the result is still the same.  I've even
tried to re-establish the Data control connection and recordsource, but
it still acts like the control is disabled or out of scope when I try to
access the recordset.

I've checked the recordset before opening the new window, and it has one
record.  I checked it again as soon as the other form closes (which is
NOT referencing the same table), and VB reports that the object is no
longer set or valid.
Is this a bug?

I appreciate any insight into this problem.



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