ODBC call not working after MDAC 2.1 install and VS6 SP3

ODBC call not working after MDAC 2.1 install and VS6 SP3

Post by Edward Evan » Wed, 20 Oct 1999 04:00:00

I have been working with a VB application that uses a VC++ MFC dll as a data
layer.  It uses ODBC classes and has worked for about 3 years now.  After
installing MDAC 2.1 and VS6 SP3 all of a sudden the call to
SQLSpecialColumns to try an get the unique columns since Access database
doesn't support SQLPrimaryKeys.  The return from this call is still
SQL_SUCCESS.  We then bind the the columns to describe the Unique columns
and then call SQLFetch.  Previously this would return SQL_SUCCESS_WITH_INFO
and we would store the column names.  Now it returns SQL_NODATA.  I think
that this code came from a microsoft provided example of how to get the
unique columns for an access database but can't seem to find an updated
version of it for the latest MDAC.  Has anyone else run into this problem?




1. ODBC Drive returns records using MDAC 2.0 but not MDAC 2.1 SP 2

I am developing an IIS Application using VB6.0 Pro that performs
database retreival using a Honeywell ODBC driver.  I am using ADO on
top of the ODBC driver for data access. I developed this program on a
system with VB 6.0 and MDAC 2.0 installed.  Using MDAC 2.0 and ADO 2.0,
when i performed a query, the correct recordset was returned. However,
when trying to run the program on the production web server, which has
MDAC 2.1 SP2 installed, I can still connect to the database using ADO
(now 2.1), but when querying the database using the same SQL statements
as before, all recordsets are returned with the BOF and EOF properties
set to true indicating no records. Why would an ODBC driver work with
MDAC 2.0 but not 2.1 (SP2) (ADO 2.0 but not ADO 2.1)?? Are there subtle
differences in the connection string parameters needed? what can I try
in order to fix this problem?  is there any way to downgrade a system
with MDAC 2.1 installed to MDAC 2.0?? I have configured the systems the
same except for the different versions of MDAC, but are there any other
factors that could possibly cause this problem?? Thanks in advance,

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