ReIndex Table (or Paradox 5.0 TUTILITY?)

ReIndex Table (or Paradox 5.0 TUTILITY?)

Post by KJumo » Sun, 09 Jun 1996 04:00:00

There is a free program called pxrepair on the Delphi Super Page which
repairs Paradox tables. If you can't find email me. I will look for it and
send it to you. It also uses the Tutility.dll. If you have Paradox 5 use
Tools|Utilities|Table Repair.


1. error w/Tutility & paradox 5.0

Anyone every see the error:

"Unable to verify table header -
Error Number 10243"

when trying to use Tutility with
Paradox 5.0?  I get the error simply
by selecting the file...not even
getting as far as verifying it's
integrity!  It's Paradox 5.0 under
Windows 3.1

I copied the .DB file to another
machine running Paradox 5.0 under
Win NT 4.0 and it checked out fine.


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