Reference to Access 2.0 Query in VB 4.0

Reference to Access 2.0 Query in VB 4.0

Post by Denny Pastern » Thu, 15 Jan 1998 04:00:00

My environment is Access 2.0, VB 4.0 16-bit.

I have an Access mdb with several queries defined that work fine in
Access. However, when I create a data control and refer to the Access
file in the DatabaseName property and then go to the RecordSource
property, I only see a few of the Access queries in the Access file.

The common item between the queries that don't appear is that they
contain a criteria field that is a function call. The criteria is a
variable. The only way I can see to refer to a variable is through a
function call. Then this query doesn't appear in the pick list in VB.

Any suggestions or leads.
Denny Pasternak
FDC - Teleservices
Omaha, NE


1. SQL in VB 4.0 Query Access 2.0 MDB

I have never written an SQL request before and find myself in deep over
my head in a course I am taking.  Basically I have 6 rows each with a
variation of possible input of about 6 items.  I have to create a user
interface where a query is run based on the selections of single items,
multiple items or ranges in the various records

eg: Client 1 wants to see cars listed  with 2 door or 4 doors, air
conditioning, with disk and/or ABS brakes, doesn't care which colour it
is, wants tinted windows, in a price range between 15000 and 22000
dollars.  Regardless of the input I need to write a query which will
output the relevant vehicules to a set of MDI forms (one for each car in
resulting from the query).

I do not want someone to do my homework.  What I need is a source to
which I can go that explains how to write tightly coded SQL's.  I don't
want an SQL running 720 If - Then - Else queries for each distinct row
of the database, there has to be a rational way to write this SQL in a
short and concise fashion.  Where do I start my reading.

"The easier it looks, the harder it hooks." Ricky Lee Jones

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