Post by Grant Fritche » Thu, 10 Dec 1998 04:00:00

I've run into a problem I can't solve.

I'm performing my first connection with ADO through OLEDB, not ODBC. I
wanted to perform a simple procedure call to sp_databases. No parameters, no
weirdness. I connected to the database just fine. I created a command with
sp_databases as the CommandText and adCmdStoredProc as the CommandType.
Everything looked great. Then I tried to execute the command into a
recordset. I kept getting a recordset not open error. I tried all kinds of
different parameters, changing the cursor from client to server and back
again, setting the connection mode...

Anyway, nothing worked. Then I changed my connection from using the SQLOLEDB
provider to using the default. I set up an ODBC DSN and tried running the
proc again. This time it worked just fine. Wonderful. Now I can use ODBC to
make calls to the database. I haven't moved forward at all. I might as well
stick to RDO (or ODBC API calls in a pinch).

What am I doing wrong?

Here's the sample code:

Set gconDB = New ADODB.Connection
gconDB.Provider = DBPROVIDER
With gconDB
    .ConnectionString = "Data Source=" & txtDataSource.Text & _
        ";User ID=" & txtUserID.Text & ";Password=" & txtPassword.Text
    'ODBC Connection String
    '.ConnectionString = "Data Source=CTEDEV;User ID=" & _
        txtUserID.Text & ";Password=" & txtPassword.Text
End With

Set comDBList = New ADODB.Command
With comDBList
    .ActiveConnection = gconDB
    .CommandText = "sp_databases"
    .CommandType = adCmdStoredProc
End With
Set rsDBList = comDBList.Execute


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