ODBC Question

ODBC Question

Post by Mdot Dav » Tue, 10 Aug 1999 04:00:00

I have a VB app that uses ODBC to execute a UNION QUERY against a Jet
using version 4.00.3711.08 of ODBCJT32.DLL.  The query looks like this

SELECT  Plan.GroupNumber,
               Plan.AdminSpecValue as EmpCaseValue,
               "AD" as EEType
FROM Plan, Adminspecialists
WHERE Plan.AdminSpecialistID = Adminspecialists.EmployeeID
UNION SELECT Plan.GroupNumber,
               Plan.AcctSpecValue as EmpCaseValue,
               "AC" as EEType
FROM Plan, AccountSpecialists
WHERE Plan.AcctSpecialistID = AccountSpecialists.EmployeeID;

This query worked fine with the 3.51 version of the Access ODBC driver
but gives the message "Too few Parameters.  Expected 2." in the 4.00
version.  The "AD" as EEType and "AC" as EEType statements
cause the problem.  Take these out and it runs fine.  I was wondering
if anyone else has had a similar problem and what they did to fix it.

Any help appreciated!



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Hello All,

When I use Microsoft's ODBC driver for Oracle, my queries return the
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However, when I use change my DSN to use Oracle's ODBC driver on exactly the
same DB I get an empty recordset.  I can see the column headings, but I get
no data.  Anyone know why?

Both DSNs seem to work fine from ODBCTest, which would imply the
configuration is right.

My app & PO8 are on the same machine so the docs say I don't need NET*SQL, I
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All help gratefully received.

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