Database Errors

Database Errors

Post by Derrick Kin » Fri, 15 Dec 2000 23:22:41

I have an application that has started reporting that the 'Object is invalid
or no longer set', I cant see any
reason for it!!.

The database is opened, then a record set is opened with a SQL Statement,
but when I try to access fields I get this message. I am sure that the field
names are correct, because the program was functioning correctly, but now I
get the above message!



1. Error creating database (Error: 5177 ...)

i am not able to create databases on my sql 7 server anymore - i am
receiving the attached error message - the sql online book takes me the
support page to look for more information on this specific error - but there
seems to be no knowledbase article on this topic

has anybody else experienced this problem ?

my configuration is:
windows nt 4 server (sp5) english
sql 7 server (sp1) english

Error 5177: Encountered an unexpected error while checking the sector size
for file d:\mssql7\data\data\tesfile.MDF. Check the SQL Server error log for
more information.
CREATE DATABASE failed.  Some file names listed could not be created.  Check
previous errors.
The CREATE DATABASE process is allocation 2.00MB on disk 'testfile_Data'.
The CREATE DATABASE process is allocation 1.00MB on disk 'testfile_Log'.

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