Remote Data Objects (RDO) Problem

Remote Data Objects (RDO) Problem

Post by Jeff S » Sat, 14 Nov 1998 04:00:00

I have been using RDO to connect to Oracle for the past year now in my VB5
program.  This week, I installed the Visual Studio 6 on my machine for
future projects (likely far in the future projects).  Everything seemed to
be working fine in the program until I compiled it and gave it to the users.

If I just run this ...

    Dim rdoConn as New rdoConnection
    Dim rdoQy as New rdoQuery

    Set rdoQy.ActiveConnection=rdoConn

... it seems the program will crash on the 'set
rdoqy.activeconnection=rdoconn' line..  Could anyone please explain why this
is happening now?  And perhaps even how to fix it?



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I'm working with Viasual Basic 5, Professional edition.
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Does anyone know if I can get RDO anywhere? Do i have to upgrade to
Enterprise Edition just to get that  (I hope not :) )?

Thanks in Advance

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