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I am linking a DBImage component to a Microsoft Access Tabel. The field type
is "OLE Object". In Access, I insert a "bitmap image" object in the field
that is referenced by the DBImage component in Delphi. But DBImage does not
accept this as a valid entry. What is wrong?

Is there anyway that I can embed bitmaps into Access, and view them in


1. DBImage can't display JPEG

Hello, everyone !!

I try to display JPEG format pictrue with TDBImage from TBlobField,
then Error Raises (Bitmap image is not valid) !!
I try to do this with coding, but get failure again!!

the failure coding as bellow :

A. with TMomoryStream >>

var msA: TMemoryStream
msA := TMemoryStream.Create;
TBlobField.SaveToStream(msA);  <--- EAccessViolation

B. with Clipboard >>

Clipboard.Assign(DBImage1.Picture);  <-- Invalid clipboard format

Can you tell me how to display then JPEG Field with TDBImage or TImage ?
Thanks you very much.

Best Regrads

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