How to make JDK 1.2 look and act like JDK 1.1 for a 1.1 JVM

How to make JDK 1.2 look and act like JDK 1.1 for a 1.1 JVM

Post by Professiona » Thu, 07 Jan 1999 04:00:00

Hello JAV Folks,

So how do we get a JDK 1.1 system to look like and act like a JDK 1.2 system

JDK 1.2 javac compiler offers a -target switch to generate JDK 1.1 JVM 1.1
compliant class files that are compatible with JDK 1.1 class file format
since the class file format has changed from 1.1 to 1.2. These 1.1 class
files will execute under a JDK 1.1 JVM. These class files will not execute
under a JDK 1.2 JVM.

So I can develop using JDK 1.2 and use their compiler all for JDK 1.1 output
usable with a JDK 1.1 JVM. Yes...

I also assume that JDK 1.2 comes with it's pre-built so I am
unable to use these classes with my JDK 1.1 class file output.

Can I take JDK 1.2 and build it all completely using the -target 1.1 and
produce a JDK 1.2 in JDK 1.1 class file output in the form of ?

If I can do this than I can make a JDK 1.1 system to look like and act like
a JDK 1.2 system. This would permit me to take advantage of JDK 1.2 features
under a JDK 1.1 JVM.

If anyone can confirm this please acknowledge.



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Is JDK 1.1 lunch meat when comparing to JDK 1.2 .

I have used both and having trouble justifying a commitment to JDK 1.2 . I
am wondering if conservative stubbornness is going to fair worse for the
long term because our project is such that whatever we commit to it will be
for the long term be it JDK 1.1.7b or JDK 1.2 .

I know that JTable when used with either JDK is still rouph and does not
properly support custom renderers. I am considering KL Group's live table as
a replacement for this.

I know that the tools (javakey vs keytool) for JDK 1.1 security never worked
properly and are totally re-written for JDK 1.2. Where do we stand as far as
security features and whather they work or not.

I know that JFC/Swing relies heavily on the JDK internals in order to work
properly. Will JDK 1.1 ever support drag and drop as well as basic

I see two major code branches that SUN is wrestling with and both have their

Can anyone justify the best call here for the long term and what the future
of JDK 1.1 will be as far as it being able to work properly at all ? We do
not want to get caught into a position where we commit to JDK 1.1 and get
stuck with bugs that are never going to be fixed or get stuck needing
features that will never be implemented for JDK 1.1. Also we do not know
what JDK 1.2 features they plan to retrofit into JDK 1.1.

JAVA Compiler output is another concern. Class file formats have changed
from 1.1 to 1.2. Have Byte Code's changed as well ? Our ability to interface
to sub-systems built against JDK 1.2 is a major concern. Will we ever be
usable to JDK 1.2 classes if we commit to JDK 1.1 ...

Thanks for your analysis and input. These issues are valid and affect the
whole spectrum of JAVA development.



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