Q: open two windows at the same time

Q: open two windows at the same time

Post by Wu » Sun, 16 May 1999 04:00:00

I have written a program with MFC and DAO for calculation.
Who has  experience that a program with DAO can open
two windows (or Views) at the same time for display?
Please tell me the method. Thanks in advance!



1. Open Two Database with Two System.Mda and Two different User Names and Password


I got a problem accessing two or more database which have two different
System Database(.MDA) files. the problem is i can't open both database
in a same workspace and update data concurrently to keep the data in
sync because each database has different .mda file. dbengine can handle
only one .mda file, i suppose


there is two database viz., 'database1' and 'database2' with workgroup
file 'systemone.mda' and 'systemtwo.mda' file. i want to open both the
database in a single workspace for transaction purpose.

can any one help me on this problem. i hope the define the problem



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