Limitations in MS-Access 2.0

Limitations in MS-Access 2.0

Post by Thorvald B? » Fri, 16 Apr 1999 04:00:00

I am developing a database application in Access 2.0. In this version
there is a limitations in queries that makes it impossible to run a
query where the total length of grouped fields exceeds 255 bytes. This
is quite a limitation, because I have three text fields which has to be
about 255 bytes each. However, I don't need to group by these fields,
but if I try to turn off grouping (by choosing, lets say 'expression') I
get another error. Is there any easy solution to this problem? I don't
want to cut down the size of the fields, and upgrading to access-97 is
not an option either.



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I am now working on a project that have to make decision
on choosing Microsoft Access 97 / 2000 or Microsoft SQL
Server 7.0 as the database.  For more background
information, there is an application run on personal web
server and will connect to a database with using ODBC.

Therefore, I would like to know more about the pros and
cons of them in order to make a right or better choice.

Could anyone tell me about is there any limitation on
Microsoft 97 / 2000 and Microsoft SQL Server 7.0?  Such as
the storage limitation, special characters handling.

Thanks and regards,


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