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Perhaps you can help me:

I have a program in Quick Basic with database created as .arq .
1) Is there any mode of to import or to open the Quick Basic registers to a
new program in Visual Basic?
2) The Access 2.0 import ASCII and .txt files. Will it import too this
3) Could I open a form with VB controls and to open a windows where I would
work in the Quick Basic?
Thanks for any help.


1. Migrating from Visual Basic 3 SQL 4.0 to Visual Basic 5.0 and/or SQL Anywhere

We have a Visual Basic 3.0 project currently using Watcom SQL 4.0 on several
different platforms.  We would like to bring this project forward to newer
versions VB and SQL.  Can anyone answer these questions:

1) Would our existing VB 3.0 project that makes Watcom specific calls to the
database (not ODBC) be supported by latest SQL Anywhere package?  Or, would
we have to re-write all the code?

2) Has anyone gone through this process, and if so, did you find the
transition easy or a nightmare?

3) Are the any unexplainable issues with the latest SQL Anywhere that have
disabled your database, corrupted data or brought your software to a sudden

4) Does the SQL Anywhere product support replication with 'Rules' that allow
us to move data/orders from one site to another with ease?  Can it do this
one the Internet with encrypted data transfer.

5) Are we better to explore VB 5.0 and MS Access / SQL Server ???

Any answers would be welcomed.


Kevin Dalby

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