Post by Matt Barag » Mon, 19 Aug 1996 04:00:00

Here's the kicker.

Would you miss a penny.   No!
So, do you think 30,000 other people from across the world would either,
 Probably not.
What if you got 30,000 people to send you even a nickel.  
You'd be happy when all of there letters arrived.

It's amazing how it adds up!!!!!!

Now let's talk Dollars and not nickels and dimes.
Follow the three steps below and you'll make thousands  possible up to
50 thousand.

1. Write your name and address on 5 different pieces of paper with the
words "Share the wealth".  
    Fold a $1.00 bill in each of the pieces of paper and mail them to
the following five addresses.

Jason Todland 174 Los Olivos Ave. Daly City Ca 94014 (USA)
Tod Mcknight 255 Eastoak St Seattle WA 32588 (USA)
Jeci C0/ Traci Marks PO Box 19549 Cinti, OH 45219-0549 (USA)
Matt Baraga 111 White Ibis Ct. Daytona Beach FL 32119 (USA)
Robert Byrne 6229 Donna Circle Port Orange Fl 32127 (USA)

2.  Now, remove the 1st name on the above list, there will only be four
left then.  Now, add you name and
     as the fifth one (last!!!!!!).  

3. Post this amended list with this article or one close to it to at
least 200 news groups (there are thousands).

How the above works:

It's simple,  If you receive just 5 responses, each with a $1.00 bill
enclosed, you make $5.00.
Now, each person that sent you $5.00 will also be doing the above, and
will post letters with your name
at number four on the list, thus as more people read their postings, and
repost.....your name will be
redistributed and distributed again.  
Now, it obvious that your name will be bumped off the list, but by that
time thousands of people will have
received it, and they will be sending thousands of dollars.

Why should you do it ?:

All you could loose is five stamps, five dollars, and a little time
posting to the internet.
As long as you are honest and actually send five dollars when you start
the process will remain continuous.
Look:  if you have a two bugs and those bugs are each worth $5,000 and
if you fed them they would
multiply into 10 bugs, would you deny them food.  No, and you know why.
 So this process needs the food
of each initial investors five dollars (you won't miss it) don't break
the cycle.
If you can't be honest, you deserve to at least loose out on all of your
time and effort on the internet.
You broke the process.  

Is it legal:

Yes, you get something in return for your money,  A list of addresses.  
(So its not a chain letter)