Access SQL to Visual Basic SQL Help

Access SQL to Visual Basic SQL Help

Post by Tomm » Thu, 14 Jan 1999 04:00:00

I have this Query,

SELECT DISTINCTROW Bondee.LastName, Bondee.FirstName, Residence.BadAddress,
Residence.BadPhone, Bondee.Active
FROM Bondee INNER JOIN Residence ON Bondee.CIDNumber = Residence.CIDNumber
WHERE (((Residence.BadAddress)=True) AND ((Bondee.Active)=True)) OR
(([Residence].[badphone]=True) AND ((Bondee.Active)=True))
ORDER BY Bondee.LastName, Bondee.FirstName;

I designed it in Access.  I would like very much assign it to

and then use it as
Set Mytable = MyDB.OpenRecordset(SQL$, dbOpenDynaset)

mytable sould be the name of the recordset
mytable!LastName and mytable!FirstName works but
!BadAddress, !BadPhone, and !Active registers a null with no errors.
They all 3 have data.

What am I doing wrong?   Can you give me the exact syntax or any help in
finding out how to do this....
Thanks for the help....



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