Creating temp files for complex queries - how ?

Creating temp files for complex queries - how ?

Post by Eugen » Thu, 12 Dec 1996 04:00:00

Hi everyone,

I have some complex queries to run that I have to produce intermediate or
temp files. My question is how do I do that????
SQL supported by Delphi via TQuery is very poor. To create temp files, I
have done this :
1. Create the temp table via a table component.
2. Run the intermediate query
3. Dump query set to the temp table via Tbatchmove component
4. Run the final query which selects from the temp table.

This is manageable if it involves 1 temp file. But if it involves more temp
files, this would be crazy!
Is there an easier way?? Has anyone, build a component to encapsulate all
this ?