LANGUAGE Tag in Resource Files

LANGUAGE Tag in Resource Files

Post by Bob Clar » Tue, 31 Mar 1998 04:00:00

We are trying to design an Visual Basic 5.0 application to run in
The operating system we are running under is Windows NT 4.0.  We are
using the LANGUAGE tag
in the resource file to define the user interface.  We would like the
application to
look at the user's locale in order to determine what LANGUAGE to access
in the resource
file.  How do we do this? We are building the resource file using Visual
C++ and adding
LANGUAGE tags.  When we run this in Visual Basic, it always loads the
English Resources,
regardless of the user / thread locale.


                    Bob Clary


LANGUAGE Tag in Resource Files

Post by Patron » Wed, 01 Apr 1998 04:00:00


Recource files (my opinion) are a bad solution to the
Better write the app in english and use a tools to translate
the complete app. So you have less trouble while developing.

Those tools read your app comletely and try to sort out
SQL und other things like that, Outside the APP you
might translate (and correct) in several languages.

Also those tools warn you if the new string doesnt fit in
some controls.

One example of these tools is the vb language partner (about $250).
(There is a shareware available in 3 month.)

Michael Patron


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I'm wondering if anyone has encountered this problem yet:

I tried to install SQL 7 on my NT 4 Server, SP5; but I got errors during setup. I
used the BackOffice 4.5 CD 2 of 8 from the Select subscription (Microsoft
Licensing, January 2001, English version). THIS VERSION OF SQL 7 DOES NOT SEEM TO
WORK. You get several errors like this at the end of setup:

Fatal error
Execution cannot continue as the language dependent resource file
D:\MSSQL\Binn\Resources\1033\SQLMMC.RLL could not be loaded.

I have installed these products:
NT 4 Server. I choosed 'Belgian (Dutch)' as keyboard layout during setup of NT4.
NT 4 SP5
IE 4.01 SP2 from NT 4 SP5 CD
MDAC 2.5

I finally used the BackOffice 4.5 CD 2 of 7 from my MSDN subscription (January
2000, English version) and this worked fine. No errors any more! Strange things

I anyone have had this problem too, please let me know.


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