OLE Objects in FoxPro Db Using VB3.0

OLE Objects in FoxPro Db Using VB3.0

Post by James Sutto » Fri, 12 Apr 1996 04:00:00

I'm developing a correspondance database.  Due to the Database frame work
I'm required to use FoxPro.  I am successfully storing correspondance as
Wordperfect OLE objects in a memo field.  I don't want to save the OLE
objects to a normal file because I don't want the correspondance
modified except via my VB app.  To do this I have to Save the ole to a
binary file and then read from the file into the memo field.  Although
this works, it doesn't seem very elegant.  Is there a way to save an ole
object into a FoxPro database without intermediary step of creating a
file.  Or am I approaching this in the wrong way.  I would appreciate
any creative solutions.

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but if I using ACCESS database everything is ok.


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