How to open an upsized SQL Server 7.0 Database through VB6

How to open an upsized SQL Server 7.0 Database through VB6

Post by hsig » Tue, 22 Feb 2000 04:00:00

We are in the process of upsizing our Access 2000 databases to SQL
Server 7.0.  I was using the DAO object to open the Access Database but
now that the database has been upsized, I know I can't use the Jet
engine.  I have been trying to open the SQL database (*.adp) by means
of the OpenConnection method.  For some reason, the recordsets no
longer seem to want to open using the OpenRecordset method.  I keep
getting an error which states that the Object variable is not set.
What am I doing wrong?  Can someone please show me how to set up the
OpenConnection method so the Recordsets open properly for adding,
updating and deleting?

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1. Error Upsizing Access Database to SQL Server 7.0

     I have a question about an error I am getting when
upsizing my Access Database back end to SQL Server 7.0.  
My server has the following configuration:

Microsoft Windows 2000 Server, Service Pack 3
SQL Server 7.0, Service Pack 4, OLAP Services Service Pack
Microsoft Office 2000, Service Pack 2

When I attempt to upsize my database, the first four
tables are upsized successfully, but the fifth table has
the following error in a window that pops up
called "Errors from Server":

   SQL that Caused Error(s):

   Server Error 0: Timeout Expired

The table that is having the error is very large, with
240,972 records.  I have tried to perform the upsizing
after cutting the size of the table down to only 20,000
records, and the error does not occur.
     I would like to know if there is a timeout parameter
in SQL Server 7.0 that I can configure that would keep
this timeout error from occurring while upsizing my
database with the full table of 240,972 records.  I have
already tried setting "remote login timeout" = 0
and "resource timeout" = 100000, but neither of these has
helped.  Thank you very much for any advice you can
provide me!

Take care!
Bobby Goluba

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