HELP - Database Setup App Help NEEDED ???

HELP - Database Setup App Help NEEDED ???

Post by ipsc.. » Wed, 23 Jul 1997 04:00:00

I have a problem with my Setup program.

First, I'm using InstallShield Express 2 (handles DAO, suposedly).
My app is developed using VC4.1.
My app uses DAO and an Access DB created with Access 2.0.
I'm using DAO 3.0 (if I read the dlls correctly).
I have two nearly identical workstations (system 1 and system 2).

My app compiles and executes without a hitch on my system (system 1).
I created a Setup program, which does include the DAO support and MFC
4.1 support files).  I have verified that these files are installed on
both systems.

After I run the Setup program on system 2, I get an error when I try
to run my app.  The error is:

"Cannot open database created with earlier version of the

Both applications are identical on each system.  They use exactly the
same DB (it's on a network drive).

I have checked the dlls in the system32 directory and both systems
have the same dlls that relate to the DB:

msjt3032.dll, msjter32.dll, msjint32.dll, vbajet32.dll, vbdb32.dll

They have the same date.

Why is it that I can run the Setup program on both systems and yet can
only run the application on System 1.  System 2 is the only one that
produces the error?

What is wrong?  I would like to try and understand this problem, so
please don't just say try another setup program.