What is Fastest database access???

What is Fastest database access???

Post by Thilo Gra » Fri, 11 Sep 1998 04:00:00

I also tried that but then the treeview flickers
when the new child-node is added

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1. Access 2.0 much faster querying databases than Delphi?

First problem)
U have been using program made in Access 2.0 to search database of about
100.000 peoples. Usually is known only first part of name (i.e. John to
find John, Johnson, ). Sorting is necessary once by Lastname + Firstname,
second by Firstname + Lastname.
It seems to me, that only Access is so clever that he need two indexes but
each one field used only once per index. I mean, 1st index is only on
Lastname, 2nd is only on Firstname. No matter which one combination of
sorting I need, Access successfully uses and combines both and it works.
With Delphi it seems that I need two indexes, too, but both on both fields.
1st on Lastname+Firstname, 2nd on Firstname+Lastname.

Second problem)
I've found that some queries in Delphi (no matter if using Paradox 7.0 or
Visual dBase format) are incredible slow, compared to Access.

If I want find John, Johnson, etc. in Access SQL I specify:
Doing so, I get all names too fast to measure time.
Using same SQL with Delphi 32-bit (using "%" instead of "*" of course) it
takes about 3 seconds on the same machine.

SQL's "SELECT * FROM XY WHERE XY.NAME = "JOHN'" (using "=" and EXACT known
name) are more equalized in sense of speed, but useless for my purpose. It
seems to me, that Delphi is unable to optimize SQL, containing LIKE
operator not mater if "*" (or "%" in Delphi) is present only at the end of
SQL. Using "*" ("%") at both ends of "SELECT * FROM XY WHERE XY.NAME LIKE
"*JOH*'  are equally slow in Access and in Delphi. This is normal, because
of two "**" ("%%") engine is unable to use indexes.

Such program in Delphi is useless for doing decades of searches daily.

I would prefer using Delphi over unstable VB but with Access MDB format.
However, this format is, I guess, purposely ignored by Borland and ODBC is
terrible slow. If I want buy separately some library to access MDB format
directly it cost at least additional $250.

Any suggestion?

Thank you

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