Writting to BLOBs using OO4O and VB60

Writting to BLOBs using OO4O and VB60

Post by Samee » Sun, 28 Jan 2001 00:20:18

Hi Falks,
I am trying to write back to an Oracle database and using OO4O using the
following code, I get an error 440 saying I need to lock my raw when ever I
rech the Blob field. I need help!!!
I am using this code from Oracle documents, I might be missing somthing
Set MySes = CreateObject("oracleinprocserver.xorasession")
    Set OraDb = MySes.OpenDatabase("prddev", "fiber_dba/development", 0&)
    Dim oradyn As OraDynaset, OraRaw As OraBlob, amount_read%, chunksize%,
    Set oradyn = OraDb.CreateDynaset("select * from test3", ORADYN_DEFAULT)

    Set OraRaw = oradyn.Fields("recipe_File").Value
    oradyn.Fields("name").Value = Name
    oradyn.Fields("Revision").Value = revision
    oradyn.Fields("Process").Value = process
    oradyn.Fields("File_Type").Value = "zip"
    If Change_note <> "" Then
    oradyn.Fields("change_note").Value = Change_note
    End If
    OraRaw.CopyFromFile "c:\filename.zip"


Sameer Alzouby


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