How to convert a Access 95 program to Access 2000 program

How to convert a Access 95 program to Access 2000 program

Post by xiaohang z » Sat, 05 Oct 2002 00:37:36

Hi, everybody
   I have a Access 95 program written in VBA. I can't run it any more
since my computer has only Access 2000. How to make it run in Access
2000. This old program has some code like "Dynaset" and
"Forms!Users!Access". Should I rewrite the whole program in order to
run it in Access 2000? It looks to me that Access 2000 is using not
only different library, but also the language is a little bit
different. What's the best solution with this situation.


Xiaohang Zhu


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Hi, guys
   Need your expert idea. I have a access 95 program. I try to run it
in access 2000. It failed. I try to convert it from ->Tools->Database
It also failed. I know some VBA programming, so I look into the code.
And find "Dynaset" and something like "Forms!Access!". I have no idea
what's these kind of things. I think "Dynaset" maybe some old style of
"Recodeset". The problem is how to make it run in access 2000. Do I
need to go to the code to understand the whole thing(not a very small
program) and then change all the "Dynaset" things to "Recodeset"
things. Or there is a shortcut to do that. Or just forget the whole
thing to write a totally new one.
   I need your idea.


Jerry Zhu

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