Bad file number errors using Paradox files on NT

Bad file number errors using Paradox files on NT

Post by Craig Persi » Sat, 28 Oct 1995 04:00:00

Can anyone give any suggestions as to what may be causing the
"Bad File Number" errors that we continually get when running
a Delphi application that uses Paradox tables which are located
on a Windows NT server?  The application itself is on Windows
for Workgroups 3.11, and it's accessing tables on a remote
Windows NT server.  The errors occur most often when multiple
users are using the data, but even a single user will cause
an error within 5 minutes or so.  Running the same application
on the same data when the data is on another Windows for
Workgroups machine, everything works fine.  Any clues?


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1. URGENT - Lock file grown too large - error using Paradox files

Does anyone know why I should suddenly start getting the error
Lock File has Grown too large. Table: __QB0000. File:
c:\data\__QB1534.VAL File: more names of temp query results.

the paradox tables and the queries that reference them are all local
on my machine and the lock file, thought large (25,752kb) is no larger
than for other queries I run.

Of course, I need to run this process, which I have run successfully
many times before, before the end of the week.  The application hasn't
changed, the data doesn't seem out of the ordinary, does anyone have
any ideas what the problem might be?

Thanks, Rob



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