Password problem

Password problem

Post by Kercio Salle » Thu, 15 Jun 2000 04:00:00

Ive  created an Access database and assigned a password to it.
But when i try to open the database using the opendatabase method i get the
message "Invalid password"

Here is my declaration

Set dbsTemp = opendatabase("C:\Multi.mdb",,,"pwd=suvari")

can anyone help me ?


1. Password problem using Crystal Reports HELP ME !!

I am working with Visual Basic 3.0 and Crystal Reports 2.0. And this is my

When trying to create a NEW report or verifying the D.B. of an existing one, I
get a message window with title "MS Access open session" (or something similar,
I am translating from the Spanish version) and prompts me for the username and
password. But the Access database installed DOES NOT have a password ( I have to
say that it did have password at the  beginning, but I took it off). Any hints?
Thank you.

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