File Open Error when I open too many time the same form

File Open Error when I open too many time the same form

Post by jgsce.. » Sun, 24 Nov 1996 04:00:00

I have the following problem:

- if I try to open the same form  (which uses only one table), more than
10 or 11 times, I get a File Open Error

- it does'nt happen if for exemple I open form A let's say 9 times and
form B lets say 9 time..

- my files parameter is set to 250 !

any idea ?

Note: I use Delphi 2 + Apollo 5.2
J. G. Scemla
G2S - Paris - France


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I installed PDOX7 into my computer which has WIN95.  I previously had PDOX5.0
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PDOX5.0.  Yet, PDOX7.0 couldn't open any of my form because of the format of my
open form command, which is:

          f     form

This command runs fine under PDOX5.0 but not under PDOX7.0.
I look up in the help index of PDOX7.0 and see the same format outline for the
open form command as in PDOX5 help index so I don't know why it shouldn't work
for PDOX7.

So can anyone please help me clearify this problem. Many thanks in advanced.

Andy Tran.

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