SQL Server 6.5 & VB6 ADO

SQL Server 6.5 & VB6 ADO

Post by Craig Robertso » Thu, 05 Nov 1998 04:00:00

Just started using VB6 and SQL 6.5.  I need to move a row from one table to
another table in the same database.

Any suggestions?

Found a SQL Statement that works:  Insert Queries; however I can't seem to
be able to make it work in VB.

Craig Robertson


SQL Server 6.5 & VB6 ADO

Post by Gage » Sat, 07 Nov 1998 04:00:00

sSQL= **your SQL String**

    oConn.Execute sSQL

        where oConn is your Connection Object


1. VB6/ADO/SQL Server 6.5 problem with DISTINCT?

I a VB 6 app I am writing, I use the following code:
  DW_Employees_V.EmployeeName , GEN_SystemEngineers.EmployeeNumber
  GEN_SystemEngineers INNER JOIN  DW_Employees_V ON
  DW_Employees_V.EmployeeNumber = GEN_SystemEngineers.EmployeeNumber
  GEN_SystemEngineers.PlantID = '0780' and
  GEN_SystemEngineers.AssetCode = '0781'

Using the query tool, this works fine, thank you very much (one name,
one empID, sorted by name) (Also works the same in Access  ;-)  )

But, as soon as I include the code in my VB app,:
1) the DISTINCT keyword is ignored, and
2) the results are not sorted by name.

Any ideas why this is happening?  I'm not sure how to verify what
version of ADO (although I'm pretty sure it's 2.x), etc., I have
running on the server.

MANY thanks to all responders.

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