DBGrid License problem

DBGrid License problem

Post by Hernan Anzol » Sun, 08 Nov 1998 04:00:00

I bought Visual Basic 6.0 Learning edition. I've been trying to develop a
data base program, but I can't find the DBGrid Control, is it possible that
this edition don't provide this control?. If the answer is yes, how can I
solve the problem without paying $500 for the Professional Edition. I just
need this little thing!!! Please if somebody knows the answer please help

1. no license 4 dbGrid?????


For some reason my application belives that i no longer
have the appropraite license information to use the data

The message that i get when the form is loaded is:

run time error '429'
"License information for this componemt not found. You do
not have an appropriate license to use this functionality
in the design environment."

I thought that re-registering the dbgrid32.ocx using the
regsvr32 command would work, but it made no difference.

Im using vb6 sp5 on win 2000.

Thanks in advance

Aberdeen Scotland.

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