HE: Performance Problem using ADO in UserControls

HE: Performance Problem using ADO in UserControls

Post by Marc Loewentha » Thu, 08 Jul 1999 04:00:00


For my database application I'm using the dataenvironment.
Running  a query inside the query designer takes no time, using the same
query in a form using data bound controls the load / unload takes too much

Can anyone give me some tips how the load / unload of a databound forms
can be done fast.



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Help please!

Forgive me if this is a no brainer question.

I am trying to retrieve approx 2500 rows in my VB6  program from an
average size table in Oracle via ADO and I am experiencing an
unacceptable performance. The approximate time elapsed to retrieve the
recordset is about 6 seconds compare to using RDO it returns right away.

Trying it on a third party tools such as the MS Query and Data tools
which I assume uses ADO it is quick (fraction of a second).

Is this the normal behavior of ADO considering the number of rows I am
requesting? Is there something I am missing?

By the way, i am using Oracle ODBC Driver 8.01.05 and ADO 2.1

I really need help



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