DataControl..Update database type question

DataControl..Update database type question

Post by BNave » Fri, 03 Jul 1998 04:00:00

Help this thing is driving me nuts..startight to the point here is what i want
doing.  I have three tables in an Access database.  I want to extract 4 fields
from tables one and two (two fields from each) and then put all four fields in
the table three.  Table three's fields have exactly the same named fields as i
have extracted and on extra field..a key field.  The two things that i want to
do are firstly fill a dbgrid with the four extracted fields.  Which i have done
successfully using the SET data1.recordset = Sql.result.   However when i look
at the database its the data control hasnt written anything to the database and
the data1.recordset.edit and  data1.recordset.update methods bring about
errors. HELP please what am i doing wrong? I will keep checking the groups but
Email responses for speed will be much much apprecitated

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1. Datacontrol to Access database question

Hello all,

I have a VB 6 SP4 app, which has a couple of ADO data controls to an Access database.
The program traps entry of characters in a text field,( using the text control's KeyUp event )  and uses this to build a SQL statement for the datacontrol's .RecordSource parameter.
I then execute the data control's .Refresh event.

This method seems to work "OK", where if a typer is especially fast, characters appear to get dropped from the search.
On Windows 2000 Pro systems, the program has been regularly bombing out when just plain typing.

I suspect the data control is still busy retrieving a recordset, when I'm trying the change the SQL and refresh it.

Is there a way to check on the status of the Data Control, and even better, tell the control to abort the current retrieval.

My druthers would be to not use a Data Control at all, but I'm displaying the results using vsFlexGrid Pro, which requires a Data Control for DAO record sets.
In converting over to ADO, I'm trying not to go back and change a bunch of code for the ADO version, as we're completely rewriting the next version, and I want to focus on that instead.


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