Microsoft Jet with Multithreading

Microsoft Jet with Multithreading

Post by News » Thu, 05 Dec 2002 23:53:20

Hello all,

I am looking for help with an internet app I am writing. It may be the way
I've tried coding it, but I'll give a quick overview.

The app is a multithreaded NNTP reader mainly for downloading out of the
binary groups. The problem is when I d/l headers.

Order of operation:

1. The program is started and an Access db is opened, and 3 or 4 tables are
opened as recordsets.

2. When I tell it to d/l headers for group 'x', it checks the 'Groups' table
for the servers that carry the group.
    a. An outside thread it created for the d/l.
    b. This thread is passed the db reference thru setting a property, ie.
thread1.database = activeDB
    c. Inside that thread it attaches to the passed ref, SET ThreadDB =
    d.. When the db ref is successfully passed, the thread opens it's own
recordset off of that ref, set GroupRST= threadDB.openrecordset(tableName,

3. The thread then d/l's header info. does some string parsing, then tries
to add the header to the RST, groupRST.Addnew............groupRST.Update.

So........6 threads, all trying to add data to different tables, at about,
let's say, 200-300 records a sec. which would be under 2K records sec.

In testing, just straight inserts into a table from the main thread yeilded
better than 3K records second. I'm estimating that with 6 threads, I'm
getting about 35 records/sec...MAX.

I'm sure that there's a lot more info needed, but I'm out of time.

If anyone can help, I will gladly provide more.

Thank you for your time.



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