VB Foxpro interface

VB Foxpro interface

Post by minte » Wed, 17 Sep 1997 04:00:00

We are developing a VB/Access system which needs to search a Foxpro
database in which the tables are linked by binary fields.  With Access
unable to interpret binary fields, the search results are unreliable and
very slow.  
Has anyone used any packages to do this interface?  
Any other suggestions?



1. Looking for Suggestions f/ FoxPro/VB interface

Hey there everyone,

        I'm developing a vb app that has to deal with an old FoxPro 2.6
database.  The main problem is that his old database uses uncomprossed
.IDX indexes, which are not supported by:

Rocket Engine

and which cause XBASE200.dll (or whatever that is called) to crash.  No,
I'm not kidding.  I spent two hours on the phone with Microsoft today
about this.

Does anyone out there have any suggestions for some other third party
product that I could purchase that would let me deal with this monster
database from my VB app (largely written!)?  What is Choreo?

Many thanks,

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