ADO: Performance Testing vs. DAO

ADO: Performance Testing vs. DAO

Post by Merle G. McCartne » Sat, 18 Sep 1999 04:00:00

I have had miserable success in trying to get a decent response time out of
ADO, so on a whim, I did side-by-side comparisons with DAO using "Select *"
from all the tables in a JET database.  I found that the number of rows of
data didn't affect performance significantly, but the number of fields in
the table did.  Huh?  As the number of fields increases, ADO's performance
decreases exponentially.  For example, one table had 75 columns, and it took
ADO 3+ seconds (yes, seconds) to retrieve one row, whereas DAO did it in 20
ms, all other things being equal (cursor type, locking, etc).

Try it out!  Is it me, or is it ADO?  No comments about the 75 columns,
please - it's the customer's database and I can't redesign it.

Your comments appreciated.

Merle McCartney


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Hello there,
               I have just purchased VB 6 pro. The ADO's features are quite
impressive. However when I connected a ADO Data Control to a Grid to pull up a
table from an mdb.(The table was about 250 meg in size-LARGE) it took 20
minutes for the program to display the records on the grid VS DAO Data control
which only takes 10 seconds to do the same thing. Does anyone know what is
going on here ?
Thanks for any suggestions

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