Unexpected Exclusive Locking

Unexpected Exclusive Locking

Post by Innovation » Sat, 25 Oct 1997 04:00:00

I have a shared DAO application acting on an Access Database.  The program
does not open the database exclusively and so runs fine in most multiuser

However in some environments, when one user is logged into the application
other users get the message that the database is opened exclusively by that
user (at the time the program opens the database, this is not page locking).
These sites appear to have more than one server, either Novell or NT.  So I
am suspecting the gateway software that allows a user logged into one server
to see drives on another.

Does anyone have any additional information?

Dan Nolte
Facility Innovations



     I am reading a book called Sybase Developers Guide by
Daniel J. Worden.  I am taking this directly from the book:
Update Locks
     "These locks allow a user to update data but also permit
other transactions to read the data pages....."
Exclusive Locks
     "For any operation that causes a change to the data such
as an operation containing an insert, delete, or update -- the
tranaction must acquire an exclusive lock....."
     My question is what is the difference between the two?  If
you updating data wouldn't you use the same commands, except
maybe for adding?


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