Access violation when executing SQL

Access violation when executing SQL

Post by Dmitr » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

Hi All,

Recently I've bumped into a strange problem:
When I had a small database (2MB) of .DBF (dBase III) files and used TQuery
with quite complicated SQL statement to extract data -- everything was OK.
BUT when I recieved the real database (not the small part of it) - which
was about 15MB - I started to get the "Access violation" error on several
queries. It seemed like BDE failed to think them over! I am sure that that
was a matter of database _size_. But I failed to find _any_ notes about
_any_ restrictions on database size and complexity.
I would greatly appreciate any thoughts about the problem, couse now I am
not sure, that queries which work OK now will work when the database
doubles in size

thanks in advance


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Prasad Koukuntla

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