QueryTimeout being ignored ?

QueryTimeout being ignored ?

Post by CC » Sun, 08 Oct 1995 04:00:00

I have tried setting the QueryTimeout on a data control in VB to
60 seconds it seems to be ignored.

The code is

        data1.database.QueryTimeout = 60

Is my set querytimout being ignored.

I have tried  this on two databases Sybase and SQL Server using

Any help is welcome.

Thanks in advance Connell


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I have the following problem, I use ADO to access an SQL 6.5 and
I need to set the query timeout directly in the connection string. I can't
set the
property in any other way ... I tried something like:

Provider=SQLOLEDB;Data source=SrvName;Initial catalog=DatabaseName;User

but it seems is not working and I have timeout messages because the server
is hevy loaded.

Any ideeas are welcome.


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