Delphi / CGI / WWW

Delphi / CGI / WWW

Post by Michael Suedka » Sat, 29 Jun 1996 04:00:00

Quote:>   How can I write a CGI program for HTTP server??

Check out DELPHCGI.ZIP on the Super Page!



Delphi / CGI / WWW

Post by Russell Englan » Mon, 01 Jul 1996 04:00:00

> >   How can I write a CGI program for HTTP server??

> Check out DELPHCGI.ZIP on the Super Page!

> Michael
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Where is the super page?
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1. Delphi CGI Problem - CGI Program Only Runs When Delphi Also Runs

Here's a strange one:

I have developed a CGI program written in Delphi.  It uses Ann Lynnworth's
freeware CGIEnvData component (thanks Ann!) and does some database access
to get the info it needs to produce its HTML.  The server is WebSite, running
on a Windows NT machine.  I compile the code on my Windows 95 machine, and
the executable gets written to the NT machine's cgi-win directory.

The intermitant problem is, that when I run the program from my web browser, I get the
message "Message: Failed to create CGI process" from the server.  If I log in to the
NT console and run Delphi and then quit Delphi, but stay logged in, the program works
fine, either on a local browser or a remote one.  If I log out, it stops working

I copied the example program for CGIEnvData into a different program and ran
it, and it worked fine, without having to run Delphi.

The NT machine is shared by a number of users, so I can't just stay logged in.

Has anyone come across a similar problem?  And if they have, do they know of
a solution?  Thanks for any help or insights.

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