Why data report don't refresh the data

Why data report don't refresh the data

Post by Gustav » Sat, 20 Oct 2001 04:27:24

Hi, I have a report made with the data report, when I run
the application the report is ok but when I change the
parameters without stoping the program the report appear with the first
If I stop the program and run it again with the second
parameters the report go ok.
What I have to do?

Why data report don't refresh the data

Post by chri » Wed, 24 Oct 2001 17:10:05

Hi Gustavo,

First, after you change the parameter, the changes are not applied. You
need to:
1. Update the datasource so that the data is updated using the new
2. Recreate the Data Report to display the new data.

In the following example, the data report is based on a data environment,
which has a command object based on a parameter query of a database. When
the program is running, I change the parameter and update the
dataenvironment and then recreate the data report:

Note: txtParameter is a textbox used to change the parameter.
           cmdRunQuery is a button that I click after specifying a new
parameter in the above textbox.
           GetAnAuthor is a command object under the DataeEnvironment1

Private Sub cmdRunQuery_Click()
With DataEnvironment1
    If .rsGetAnAuthor.State = adStateOpen Then
    End If
    .GetAnAuthor txtParameter.Text    'This line refreshes the
DataEnvironment using the text in the textbox txtParameter.
    If .rsGetAnAuthor.RecordCount > 0 Then
        MsgBox "Found " & .rsGetAnAuthor.Fields("Au_LName").Value
        MsgBox "No author found"
    End If
End With
DataReport1.Show   'This line recreates the DataReport.
End Sub

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