Converting Yes/No and datetime fields

Converting Yes/No and datetime fields

Post by Earl » Sat, 07 Jun 2003 01:58:07

I'm creating a table structure in a handheld device to synch with a
server-based installation. Alas, the field types are not totally compatible.

I'm moving Telemagic data into SQLCE.

In particular, TM uses Yes/No as a data type but SQLCE does not. I can
convert to a nchar(3), but is this really what I want to do?

On the other hand, SQLCE allows me to use a "datetime" field, as does TM,
but the TM output is not in the same format as the SQLCE. Anyone know of an
interim solution to this? Thanks.


1. Converting a Datetime field to Month/Yr format

One of my fields that I am trying to group upon in a view is a datetime
field where the records are stored with weekly information.
I need to group by Month/Yr.
I can get this field into a month/year format using:

CONVERT (varchar(2), DATEPART(ww, weekly_date)) + '/' + CONVERT
(varchar(4), DATEPART(yy, weekly_date))

But this returns a varchar data type so I cannot filter against this
evaluated column using an expression such as:

<= DATEADD(month, 12, GetDate())

because the filter criteria and the evaluated column are of different
data types.

How can I aggregate against the Month & Yr of data organized with weekly
The Format function isn't supported in TransactSQL.  I am looking to
format the weekly date into a datetime common to the Month & Yr of the
record.  If all records of common Month & Yr where formated to all be
mm/01/yyyy, (first of the month), that would be fine.

Thanks for your help.

David K Hambright

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