Add VBSQL.vbx to project - how?

Add VBSQL.vbx to project - how?

Post by cwh.. » Fri, 22 Mar 1996 04:00:00

I am using Windows 95, VB4/16 and MS SQL Server 6.0.  I have installed the Backoffice SDK
to try to check out VBSQL.VBX.  When I try to add the file, like the
documentation says, it won't let me, because it's not one of the choices.  When
I try to add it as a custom control, like the other vbx's, it says "Can't
load (or register) custom control 'C:\SQL60\Bin\vbsql.vbx.'

I hope someone can help me!  Please tell me it's simple and can be done and how
to do it.




1. Problems adding VBSQL.VBX to project.

Hi, I am looking into using the VBSQL..VBX addin in a VB project.
However, whenever I try to add it to a  VB3 or 16 bit VB4 project, I
get an error message saying that the custom dll can't be loaded.  I am
using the VBSQL.VBX that came with the Backoffice SDK.  Anyone have
any ideas?  Thanks.


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