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I have this situation where I am a loading data into many tables from CSV
files using ADO & VC++. It is never likely to be more than 8000 records.
UpdateBatch() seems natural to do this.

Now, for some of the rows the data is new, for other rows it is an update as
as the primark key does not allow duplicates.

As far as I can see there are two methods of doing this (in pseudo-code)

1.  Open the RecordSet as a adCmdTableDirect in adLockBatchOptimistic lock
     Work out what the primary key is for the table by inspecting the fields
     For each record
        Use a Filter to see if the record already exists if the primary key
is more than field otherwise do a Find.
        If the record does exist, update the non-primary fields otherwise do
a AddNew()

     Call UpdateBatch()

2. Open the RecordSet as a adCmdTableDirect in adLockBatchOptimistic lock
     For each record
        Use AddNew()
     Call UpdateBatch()

     Now set Filter to adFilterConflictingRecords which should restrict the
Recordset to all those records that failed because the primary key was
already present. Process these, locate the matching record, change this and
Delete() the duplicate.

    Resubmit UpdateBatch(). Should now amend matching records.

I have opted for the 2nd method but it seems extraordinarily heavy handed
approach to do what seems simple. Have I missed something obvious (how I
open the RecordSet perhaps)? I have seen Microsoft's example VC++ code on
ADO's UpdateBatch() but it assumes that there are no conflicts.


Stephen Howe


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